BLD Shop Update November 2020

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Hi everyone! I wanted to share some exciting news for Bending Line Designs.

The Laser Is Almost Here

Back in July 2020 (which seems like a million years ago) we pulled the trigger and decided to add some new equipment to the BLD workshop and decided to import a CO2 laser. It is now November 2020 and we finally received word that the laser is at the distributor’s shop down in Florida receiving a tune-up and inspection before it is shipped up to us in Pittsburgh. I am not the most patient person and yes, there were other lasers that would have been available sooner, but if we were going to invest this much into a laser I wanted to ensure it had certain features and that we wouldn’t out grow it too soon.

Here is a pic of our laser being unloaded at the distributor’s warehouse down in Florida. The journey it took even included a trip through the Panama Canal.

Ok, so a few words on what the laser can do. It will bee able to cut a number of materials, with the exception of metal, with laser precision. It can also mark or engrave on even more materials. This expands our product offering exponentially. We’re able to offer a number of unique equestrian themed products we haven’t seen elsewhere in the market and also offer endless personalized product opportunities. Our objective is still to focus on thoughtful equestrian design. A few categories of new products that will be launching first include jewelry, home decor, accessories, and personalized items.

Anyway, we had to share our excitement that this crate will soon be arriving at our doorstep. Expect more announcements to follow, since we can’t wait to share all of the exciting new items BLD will be making for you!

New Products

We also have a few non-laser related new products in the works.

Goal Planner

Coming this November we will be releasing the 2021 BLD Equestrian Goal Planner. While we love our Equestrian Journals and they’re perfect for organizing information about your horse and the details of horse ownership, we found they didn’t really address the needs of long term goal planning. We put a lot of research and thought into making this a useable and effective aid to help you reach your equestrian goals. We are putting the finishing touches on this Planner and can’t wait to share it. Stay tuned!

Holiday Cards & Gift Tags

This year we are also offering equestrian themed holiday cards and gift tags in a digital download format, perfect for printing at home or sending off to a card printing service (like those hosted by Walmart or Staples). These are currently available in our Etsy BLD Print Shop, but we are also looking to move these to our primary BLD shop soon too!

One of several new holiday cards!

Updates To

We updated our primary website for our customers to be able to purchase our digital downloads directly at For the moment this includes our EQ Journals, Notes on 50 Rides, and our Equestrian Budget. We had been searching for over a year for the right app to add to the site to make this a reality and finally found the perfect fit. We’re looking to add printable versions of our prints and cards shortly. As before, all of our digital products are also available at our Etsy BLD Print Shop. Sometimes Etsy is an easier shopping option for our international customers, so we wanted to ensure we kept this available.

Journals are now available for purchase directly on the BLD site!

EQ Journal Selector Quiz

Finally, our last announcement in this post is that we have developed a quick quiz to help sort out which of our EQ Journals is the best fit for your needs. We realize that there are a number of different options and it can be difficult to determine which is the right one for you. It is very quick and simple and only requires you to answer one question. Check it out here at the EQ Journal Selector Quiz!

Thanks for following along with all things BLD!

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Say It With a Note

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Is paper dead? We hope not. There is something wonderful about sending your thoughts in a handwritten card and for the recipient, they make great keepsakes and are perfect for journals and scrapbooks. With so many cute stationery options available today, we came up with a quick guide to help you make the most use of them – with equestrians in mind. Below are a few situations that lend themselves nicely to a handwritten note.

The barn is full of great places to leave a note – stashed in your neighbor’s stall door, tucked in a tack trunk, or left in a locker. You also save on postage and an extra trip to the post office.

We are continually adding to our stationery collection at Bending Line Designs. Click here to pick up a set of 10 equestrian cards and always have a note on hand and ready to go.

Thank You’s

So much goes into riding and keeping horses. It’s crazy when you think about how many people are involved in your riding. Don’t let their help go unnoticed or take it for granted. Drop them a reminder every now and then letting them know how appreciated they are!
A quick list of people to consider thanking is below:

  • Parents, Family, Significant Other: Thank them for their financial or emotional support, but also the sacrifices they make for you to ride. All the shows, lessons, and clinics they’ve attended. The driving back and forth from home to the barn, or hauling the trailer. Even simple stuff like helping you tack up, or sweeping while you ride.
  • Trainer: I need to constantly thank my trainer for putting up with my shenanigans! I’m sure we’re all the same.
  • Barn Staff: This crew puts up with so much. They are mucking the stalls, dealing with the hungry horses trying to knock them over at the gate, and loading the barn full of hay.
  • Barn Owner: Sometimes these folks are the unsung heroes. Spending their afternoons watering and grooming arenas, so you can have a nice facility. They can be tricky to thank in person if you’re not at the barn at the same time.
  • Your Support Team: It really takes a village. Not just to raise a child, but to also keep a horse! From vets, farriers, grooms, chiropractors, and specialists – let them know you appreciate their hard work with your equine partner.
  • Boarder: Thank a boarder for being a great friend and barn neighbor.
  • Show Host & Volunteers: Don’t forget to drop a quick thank you note in the mail to show hosts and their many hard working volunteers, especially if the show was well run and you had a great time.


We all know barns can be full of drama. Do your part to help minimize the drama by swallowing your pride and knowing when to apologize. It’s always great to say you’re sorry in person, but sometimes a card is a nice extra step, or possibly the conversation starter when you’re having trouble saying the words face-to-face. Even if the mistake is a little one, like apologizing to your trainer for missing your distance (once again) or apologizing to the barn staff for the mess your horse made when it last escaped.


Let’s be honest. Being new sucks. You can’t find the light switches for the arena, or don’t remember where all the lesson horse tack belongs. A cute note from a welcoming friend can make it a little easier.

  • New boarders and their horses: We all remember how awkward it is to be the new boarder. Welcome all the newbies to your barn with a little note tucked in their stall door letting them know how happy you are to get to know them and that their horse is adorable. Or invite them to join your next trail ride.
  • New lesson students: Trainers are known for their equine communication skills and not necessarily their people skills. Break the mold and give your new lesson students a little welcome card after their first few lessons – welcoming them and their family to the barn and thanking them for their business.


Celebrate both the big wins and the small gains. You can make a difference in someone’s day, possibly picking up their mood for the entire week just by congratulating them on their accomplishments. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Perhaps you’re a bit jealous or they placed higher than you. Be bigger than envy and jealousy and let other riders know just how awesome they are. A few reasons to celebrate are listed below:

  • Winning at a show
  • Qualifying for a show, team, etc.
  • Overcoming a training obstacle or riding block
  • Confronting a fear
  • Making progress
  • Attending a new event
  • Trying something new or out of their comfort zone
  • Buying or leasing a new horse

Get well soon

Has an injury or illness kept someone out of the barn? Mail them a card to let them know they are in your thoughts and missed.

Birthdays and other Occasions

Everyone likes a birthday card, for either them or their horse. We’ve listed a few other equestrian opportunities to say it with a note below, and would love to hear what else you can think of!

  • It’s the end of mud season!
  • Share a horse snack recipe
  • Party invitations